2022 August

Last trainings for Stars before Bahrain

What Argentina, Brazil, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Switzerland do have in common? They are all top-seeded...

Date 05.08.2022

Qualifying Series boost SSL Gold Cup media coverage

For the first time in history, Sailing has its own World Cup: the SSL Gold Cup. Like Football or any other major sports, Sailors...

Date 03.08.2022

2022 July

Abdulla Janahi: " We are ready to welcome the World best nations in Bahrain"

Being the host nation of the first edition of the SSL Gold Final Series is not something all nations can claim. SSL Team...

Date 28.07.2022

QS5 Group 7 - Final Day: South Africa and Malaysia take the prize

Despite finishing 3rd in today’s final race, SSL Team Malaysia join runaway Group leaders SSL Team South Africa at the Final...

Date 17.07.2022

QS5 Group 8 - Final Day: Ukraine and Thailand go to Bahrain

SSL Team Ukraine and SSL Team Thailand finish first and second in the group to qualify for the Finals in Bahrain. SSL Team Ukraine...

Date 17.07.2022

SSL Team Ukraine: A journey like no other

Every nation competing at the SSL Gold Cup faces the same challenge. They must select a squad of their best sailors and bring them...

Date 16.07.2022

QS5 Group 8 - Day 3: Ukraine just one point away from Bahrain

After another two races and two victories, SSL Team Ukraine are just one point away from qualification for the Finals in Bahrain....

Date 16.07.2022

QS5 Group 7 - Day 3: South Africa reign supreme

SSL Team South Africa had a perfect day on Day 3 of SSL Gold Cup Qualifying Series Round 5,  winning both races and clinching...

Date 16.07.2022

SSL Team South Africa: “Our diversity is our strength” (Part 2)

In the first section of this two-parter, we looked at how Ian Ainslie was convinced to bring together a South African crew to compete...

Date 15.07.2022

QS5 Group 7 - Day 2: Superb South Africa

After a tightly contested opening day that saw SSL Team Malaysia top the group by a single point, the stage was set for another tense...

Date 15.07.2022

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