January 2022

SSL Gold Cup: Rendez-vous in Final Series for SSL Top 24 Nations

As SSL Team GBR has led Nations SSL ranking for the last four months, they will go directly to 1/4 Finals of SSL Gold Cup, like the Football World Cup but in Sailing, next November.

The British will be joined by SSL Team Spain, SSL Team Australia, SSL Team Germany, SSL Team Netherlands, SSL Team New Zealand, SSL Team Italy, and SSL Team Denmark.

16 teams in the Last 16 and Last 32

January 2022 SSL Nations ranking also defines the 8 teams qualified directly in Final Series Last 16 round (Top 9-16). 

SSL Team France, SSL Team Argentina, SSL Team Norway, SSL Team Poland, SSL Team Sweden, SSL Team Brazil, SSL Team Switzerland, and SSL Team United States.

Here are the 8 teams qualified directly in Final Series Last 32 round (Top 17-24) are SSL Team Austria, SSL Team Oman, SSL Team Hungary, SSL Team Russia, SSL Team Israel, SSL Team Croatia, SSL Team Finland, and SSL Team Japan.

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Emmanuel Versace

SSL Media & Communication Manager